The United States School Systems

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The United States school systems are in trouble, and so are its teachers and principals. Michelle Rhee, former chancellor of the Washington DC public schools is enforcing standardized tests. There was a law passed, “No child left behind,” which stated that by 2014 every child in the United States should be proficient in English and mathematics. This law brought along the DC Cast Standardized Test. Rhee took this law very seriously. She was going from school to school meeting with its principal and going back and looking at the test scores since he/she became the principal of that school. If the test scores of that school went down drastically since during their time as principal, she fired them. She also kept her eye out for teachers and had them working hard to bring up the student’s test scores. If the students do poorly on these tests, both the teachers and principals’ jobs are at stake. Basically, if the test scores did not go up, they had to find another job, and I do not think that is fair. Teachers and principals should not suffer for the student’s performance, because student test performance can be poor due to many things. Also, some students just do not care, and no matter how hard the teachers try, they do not want to learn the material. Rhee thinks that our nation is soft because in Korea, where she is from, everyone is ranked. She remembers being in a classroom as a kid where every student was numerically ranked. She believes that “it is not only okay, but
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