The United States Should Build A Wall

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Whether or not the United States should build a wall to secure the border around Mexico is a controversial topic. The controversy is mainly over the cost and true purpose of the wall. Many people wonder if there is a need for the wall to be built, while others are pushing for the massive wall to be built. Many do not believe the wall would stop the immigrants from illegally crossing at all. “Human migration routes are like rivers: If they hit an obstacle, the flow finds a way around it” (Chappell). Although the idea of building a wall is controversial, many would agree that the idea is expensive, a waste of time, and ridiculous. The wall would be a very expensive project for the government to pursue. Originally, during Trump’s…show more content…
The treaties between the United States and Mexico that prohibit the blockage of rivers across the border would be roadblocks in President’s Trump’s plan (Aguilera). Another one would be the Native American reservations along the borders. It would be a waste of time for the government to have the wall built only to have gaps within the wall due to restrictions. Trump would be able to get around these restrictions by convincing Congress to pass a bill that would take the land away from the Native Americans, but that would only start chaos. Most of the land currently without a border fence cannot withstand the construction of a wall because of the geography by which it is surrounded. Due to this, there will be gaps within the wall through which immigrants would be able to enter. The wall is viewed as a ridiculous idea because it realistically will not fulfill the desires President Trump has. The wall will not only cost billions of dollars, but will also not keep out all of the illegal immigrants. It can even keep in the ones that are in the United States today as illegal. The illegals currently in the country would be turned away at the idea of crossing back over the border to see their families after they learn that a “more secure” border is being put in place (Falkenberg). The people who want to cross over to the United States legally have a difficult time acquiring their citizenship
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