The United States Should Legalize Physician Assisted Death

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Life is a delicate subject to address, especially when it comes to the end thereof. Oftentimes, talking about death is a sensitive and therefore controversial subject. In America, citizens are allowed to hold and express their personal ideologies and beliefs, which has created a lot of discussion about whether or not it should be legal for doctors to help terminally ill patients peacefully end their lives. This is commonly referred to as Aid-In-Dying. The human experience is filled with many difficulties and sufferings. In the dreadful circumstance that someone is diagnosed as terminally ill, why would anyone want him or her to continue to suffer? When a human being is dying and experiencing excruciating pain, they absolutely should have…show more content…
Stage 1 involves disbelief that they have been diagnosed with a life-ending disease. They oftentimes become very angry and feel guilty as though they have done something wrong to receive such a diagnosis. Stage 2 involves depression, which usually occurs a few weeks after the diagnosis and typically lasts the duration of the person’s life. Stage 3 is acceptance. Acceptance that they are at the end of their life, and everything as they know it soon will be gone. The love for their child, family, and friends, their goals and aspirations, the experiences that never happened will all soon be stripped away and there is nothing they can do about it. As this numbing realization of death drowns and constantly presents itself to the person suffering, they are constantly reminded that whatever they are currently doing, whether it be going to their child’s soccer game on the weekend, eating their favorite food, doing their favorite hobby, or sleeping next to their loved one at night, could possibly be their last time ever doing so. As this unfolds, do not forget that they are experiencing torturing, blinding, life-taking pain; and all they want is for only a brief moment of tranquility, however the evilness of their disease will not grant it to them. After months of suffering, when the pills stop working, all hope for a miracle is long gone, and they can’t even get out of bed

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