The United States Should Not Allowed For Any Medical Intervention

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In today’s world hospitals are the foremost facilities of providing a varying level of care. These facilities supplies its medical professionals with the means to perform any treatment deemed necessary to regain health or save a life. However, as true as this understanding may be, there are hospitals here in the United States that are not allowed to provide certain services because of religious affiliations; meaning they must first follow a religious doctrine before implementing any medical intervention. Consequently, women may find their level of healthcare under these religious hospitals being subpar and lacking since religion has specific views on life. Most if not all religious institutions will not involve themselves in any…show more content…
By a hospital following these principles they are adhering to the moral teachings that flow principally from the natural law where the Church has derived its understandings of the nature of the human person, of human acts, and the goals that shape human activity (USCCB, pg4). It is these two principles that rob a hospital from providing the adequate care that is essential to women because the Church has very strong views on how people should live. Therefore, if a woman who may need a dilation and evacuation (i.e. abortion) to save her life even with a doctor’s recommendation, she will herself denied that right. With abortion being a touchy subject, people will find themselves having some strong opinions on their morality, but there are instances where abortions are a medical necessity to save lives when threatening circumstances present themselves. For this reason, hospitals need to let medical knowledge take precedence over any religious ideologies. Ironically, in an article from USA Today there is a quote from the National Right to Life Committee, a leading group that opposes abortion, where they state abortions are necessary in limited circumstances to prevent the death of the mother (Painter, pg.1). Therefore, people today seem to agree on that the stance of abortions having some medical benefit. Most people would agree that even though abortions come with many ethical problems, they have a real benefit in medicine and are
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