The United States Should Not Be A Complete Failure

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The United States have been sending numerous military units to different parts of the world to sustain survivability of other nations that are American allies. Countries that are part of United Nations have been combined force that if there is a situation around the world, all the nations including the United States will meet up and decide what the corrective action to resolve the issue is. The United States military has been in so many conflicts with other countries that to the point that many of them becomes our allies. Many agencies ae trying to continue to gather information on potential terrorist or attacks before they can happen and without the proper relationships between the federal agencies, this will continue to be a complete failure. Terrorist attacks on the United States have been going on for decades or since the 1980 's when the United States Embassy was bombed that killed numerous Americans and civilian casualties. There was also the bombing at Khobar Towers in Beirut which happened months after the embassy incident. This attack killed numerous marines and injured many civilians that were present during that fateful day. This was long before the likes of Al Qaida and ISIS. Both were surprise attacks and there was not any warning giving but that was just the beginning of numerous attempts into the future years. Interesting fact is that many of the people that were killed during the embassy attack were CIA agents. That goes to show that the United
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