The United States Should Not Freedom Of Choice

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life by decades, biotechnology has the same potential to do the same. Therefore, most advocates argue that since the technology is there it should be used. For ages humans have been, enhance through education and biotechnology could be another method in order to continue to further develop human life. Although no one opposes that human life should be enhanced, not everyone has the same definition of what constitutes the perfect human being. Everyone has different conceptions of what makes life satisfactory as well as vary in what certain characteristics are desirable. So in order to allow freedom of choice, from a liberal perspective, these differences among people’s opinion should be respected in order to avoid mistakes of the past where authoritarian Eugenics dictated which traits/race were favored. Allowing individuals to have a freedom of choice, according to Agar, it motivates us to adopt pluralistic view and monistic view of human excellence. As a consequence, “an evil doctrine” is being alter into a morally acceptable one. In other words, with liberal Eugenics everyone is free to follow their personal conception of human excellence without being dictated by an authoritarian figure like in past movements. But if this liberal core was follow and one day genetically engineer intelligence and longevity was achieved by geneticist, people after a long time has passed, will be peer pressured by the mainstream practices other peers and neighbors are engaging in, hence, not
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