The United States Should Not Have Joined World War II

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Imagine the world if the United States didn’t enter the second World War. The United States was able to control the Germans, so they weren’t able to take over all of Europe; a whole continent to themselves. The United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on December 7th, 1944, because the United States cut off oil shipments to Japan so they would come to bargain. Instead of bargaining, the Japanese came to Pearl Harbor and proved that it was a mistake to cut off the oil supply. Another reason the United States joined the war was the Germans were sinking United States’ ships while taking supplies to England. They were even using unrestricted submarine warfare even though they promised not to do so in years prior.…show more content…
If the United States didn’t jump in and help defeat Germany they could have had all of Europe to themselves. United States also had another reason to join the war and that happened to be the Germans breaking promises with them, that they made in the past. Another reason the U.S. joined World War II was because the Germans were sinking United States’ ships while taking supplies to England. The Germans were, also, using unrestricted submarine warfare even after they promised not to two years before that. The German submarines began shooting at United States war ships. At that point, the Germans declared war on the United States. Hitler declared war on the United States because he believed that it was an opportunity to be seized. He thought that it would be easy to knock the United States out of the war and continue on his dominance throughout the world. “He was convinced that the United States would soon beat him to the punch and declare war on Germany. The U.S. Navy was already attacking German U-boats, and Hitler didn’t care for Roosevelt because of his repeated verbal attacks against his Nazi ideology” ( This states that Hitler did not like the United States and wanted to get rid of them and the rest of the Allies and continue to get what he wanted. It is clear why the United States should have entered the war and kept Germany from being the most dominant country in the world, although some disagree. The Japanese attacking
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