The United States Should Order World Politics

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Washington Rules emphasizes that the United States should order world politics. It is safe to say that since the Post-Cold War era; The United States is seen as the world’s superpower, and it is to a point where numerous countries expect us to protect them, and intervene in any situation that is not “right.” The US has taken a preemptive role on ordering the word and senses the need to help those who are not super powers in order to promote peace. America’s military remains unchallenged, spending around 736 billion dollars yearly. In addition, the American economy remains strong amongst the global financial system, and the United States political influence around the world remains very strong as well. However, according to Michael Mann; there are series of limitations to US power. According to the article the First Failed Empires of the 21st Century, Michael Mann argues that those limits to power are Economic, Military, Political, and Ideological. According to Michael Mann, “though US domination of the world economy is much less than in the first decades after 1945, it remains the main engine of global growth. It enjoys a slight lead in many hi-tech industries, though the consumption and indebtedness of its citizens provide the main global economic dynamic.” However, other economic powers such as China, poses a threat to the United States. According to Mann, “as the world’s financial leader, US economic powers have not been systematically engaged in the new imperialism.

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