The United States Steel Industry

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Steel has an intricate past and present. When scientist discovered how to mass-produce steel the moment marked the modern society’s genesis. During that time, the United States Steel Corporation dominated the steel industry. Today, the steel industry sees competition not only from native business but from abroad as well. Steel is used in almost every major commercial load bearing structure. Combined global competition and mixed uses has increased the need for civil engineers to conduct specialized research.

A Brave New World

The United States steel industry has a rich history. America started its love affair with steel in the mid-1800’s when Sir Henry Bessemer of England engineered what is today known as the Bessemer Process. Concurrently, in the United States, scientist William Kelly theorized a steel production concept almost identical, yet completely independent, of Bessemer’s concept. However, Kelly - lacking the financial resources Bessemer possessed - did not perfect his process before Sir Bessemer gained international acclaim for his invention. This new technological advancement, which allowed manufacturers to produce unheard of quantities of steel, made the material the industry standard for heavy-duty, commercial building projects. High yield steel manufacturing plants became the impetus for an expansion that would not stop, even after builders erected structures from coast-to-coast.

Current Industry Steel Industry Status

Many manufacturers produce steel in…
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