The United States Steel Industry

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Steel has an intricate past and present. When scientist discovered how to mass-produce steel the moment marked the modern society’s genesis. During that time, the United States Steel Corporation dominated the steel industry. Today, the steel industry sees competition not only from native business but from abroad as well. Steel is used in almost every major commercial load bearing structure. Combined global competition and mixed uses has increased the need for civil engineers to conduct specialized research. A Brave New World The United States steel industry has a rich history. America started its love affair with steel in the mid-1800’s when Sir Henry Bessemer of England engineered what is today known as the Bessemer Process.…show more content…
The United States Steel Corporation led the field in steel production in early America. As of 2015, the United States Steel Corporation is still a major player in the industry, but they also compete against giants such as the Nucor Corporation, Steel Dynamics Incorporated, ArcelorMittal USA and AK Steel Holding Corporation and the AK Steel Holding Corporation. In all, there are approximately 50 major steel manufacturers in the United States. Three quarters of these manufacturers hold membership in the Steel Manufacturers Association. Collectively, these member companies employ over a half million workers. The group works together to set industry standards the server the interest of the public and its members. They regulate steel industry policy in areas such as operations, environment, human resources, safety and transportation. These industry regulations create a demand for civil engineers who can carry out these objectives. The Role of Steel in Modern Construction Steel is a very versatile building material. Construction companies use steel in a variety of settings. The most notable setting is in the building construction arena. Steel serves as the backbone of some of the most strikingly beautiful structures in the United States. Designing these buildings so that they are safe, to its occupants and the environment is a formidable feat. These projects are so formidable that several engineers may have to work on a single project within specialty scopes
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