The United States Struggle For Independence

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The United States struggle for independence was marked by the American Revolution war fought between Britain and the thirteen American colonies from the year 1775 to the year 1783. The war was sparked off because of a number of reasons, among them being the fact that Britain felt its American colonies were not playing their financial part as a colony and they were neither actively participating in the Anglo-French war. The fact that the French were defeated in this war boosted the confidence of the colonies in overthrowing the authority of the British monarch and founding the United States of America. These thirteen colonies also felt that they were establishing a new society which was unrestricted by the decisions of the monarch such as using the colonies for acquiring raw materials for manufacturing goods in Britain and producing market for the manufactured goods. Additionally, the colonies were discontented by Britain limiting the expansion of their colonies besides instituting the Stamp Act and Trade Act in 1765. The stamp act was highly opposed since it levied tax on legal transactions and newspapers in addition to being the first form of direct taxation to be imposed on the colonies. The money was to be used in the administration and defense of the thirteen colonies. Passing of the Townsend Act escalated the already strained relationship between the British and the American colonies leading to the deployment of troops to New York and Boston. The colonies were
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