The United States Supreme Court Granted Certiorari

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The United States Supreme Court granted certiorari in this case, because they look at the benefit of the redevelopment of the community as superior to that of a view individuals. When it comes down to the United States weighing the balance between a few people in society versus society at large, society would always win mainly because it involves a larger number of people. It 's basically a decision in which the United States judged a situation and handles it in a way they believed to be what society calls the 'common good. ' It primarily consists "of having the social systems, institutions, and environments on which to depend on to work in a manner that benefits all people in many ways that includes a flourishing economic system" (Santa Clara University, 2014). It 's the reason the court argued that economic development was a function of the government, argues that in fact economic development is apart of public purposes, the reason they mentioned that the redevelopment promotes economic welfare in the United States, and emphasizes the great respect that the United States Supreme Court owe to state legislatures and state courts in discerning local public needs. The court was basically arguing from a common good point of view to let the plaintiffs know that their was an unequal balance of power in the numbers (with society versus themselves) and that redevelopment in general is a primary function of economic development in the United States. Therefore, certiorari was…

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