The United States Tax System

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Politics is the process in which negotiation and resistance is utilized to establish a stable society. In contrast, the current United States tax system fails to form such solid grounds. Without such a complex system, anarchy and chaos will overrule the goal of fairness that is favorable to people. Taxation is a branch of politics that is distorted in some ways in which it does not satisfy many people’s needs. Although a government is designed to run an organized society and meet the needs of citizens, it does not always do a great job. Many people feel that their place in the financial world grants them immunity from excessive taxes while others feel they are being hurt by such an unequal tax burden. The purpose of taxes is to benefit society as a whole and keep the government running, but it is not working properly and efficiently. People’s various situations make it difficult to implement the current tax system. Taxation has long been deliberated, and the issue holds many points, such as income, a person’s age, and where they live, these circumstances are unequal and unfair to many people. Collecting a fee from citizens is not a new issue. Unfair taxation has been a stigma for a vast number of Americans over centuries. Since the early colonial days when ruled by the British, the first few Americans found taxation an unfair burden. When the Stamp Act of 1765 was introduced, the soon to be rebellious Americans did not accept their government’s decision. King George the
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