The United States : The Land Of Diversity Essay

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The United States is known to be the land of diversity. Where people from other cultures can come and feel free to practice their beliefs without others forbidding it or keeping it hidden from society. However, sometimes the government may not practice what they preach. Going back to basic history, in elementary school they teach children about how The United Sates was founded. Which all started with the pilgrims traveling on the Mayflower and landing on Plymouth Rock where they befriended the Indians which led to the creation of the holiday, Thanksgiving. Fast forwarding to a couple of years, in California history there are mentioning’s of California Missions and how the Spanish settlers were trying to convert the Indians’ beliefs to Catholicism as well as changing there customs and leaving their culture behind. In other terms, the settlers were trying to assimilate the natives to their culture and beliefs. Today, not a lot of people are aware of the AIAN (American Indian and Alaska Natives) community and the challenges they face today in our society. In the book Rez Life by David Treuer, Treuer combines many different stories from many different perspectives about life in an Indian reservation. Throughout the book, Treuer portrays many aspects about reservation life such as the importance of cultural inheritance, the development of American Indian families in urban and reservation communities, and the concept on the importance of resilience for the AIAN community. There
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