The United States ' Treatment Of African Americans

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The United States’ treatment of African Americans has changed tremendously since the country’s founding up until now. African Americans were first introduced to the country in one of the harshest manners possible. They were brought over on tightly compacted slave ships and then forced into hard labor for the entirety of their lives. This went on for centuries until African Americans were finally given their freedom after the Civil War. Albeit this was much better than slavery, citizenship came with many troubles of its own. The years following the Civil War, known as the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era, would prove to be, aside from slavery, some of the hardest times for African Americans in all of U.S. history. The years immediately following the Civil War were known as the Gilded Age. During the Gilded Age, African Americans were had just been freed from slavery, given the right to vote, and had many more protections under the federal government. However, along with the plethora of new freedoms and benefits came many difficulties as well. A common struggle among most newly freed slaves was finding a place of residence. As bad as slavery had been for African Americans, they always had somewhere to stay because plantation owners needed to keep them in good health. Nevertheless, now that they were on their own, finding somewhere to call home became a much more difficult task, mainly due to the fact many of them were extremely poor. Since many of them had no money, they
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