The United States ( U.s. ) Essay

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The United States (U.S.) was founded and built by immigrants and refugees from Europe. This tradition continues today with numerous people immigrating to the U.S. not only from Europe but also from different regions of the world such as Asia, Middle East, South America and Africa. Immigration has allowed the U.S. to be culturally diverse. With the immigrant 's movement into the U.S., healthcare workers, and the U.S. healthcare system, are finding it difficult to deliver the healthcare needs of U.S. population. One difficulty hinges on the ability of the healthcare providers to communicate amongst each other and its ability to communicate with the patient. This communication obstacle is especially true in Hawaii, where healthcare workers face multi-diverse ethnic groups along with their very diverse cultures, beliefs, and languages. Communications mostly occur between two parties, be it from person to person or from one organization to another organization. Communication has multiple purposes; mainly it is used to communicate ideas, express one 's feelings, to inform others, and allows one to interact with others socially. In the healthcare industry, communication serves as an important tool in the delivery of safe and efficient medical care to the patient. Frontline healthcare workers such as primary care physicians and nurses have to learn or improve their skills in the principles of effective communication and be able to relay these messages therapeutically to the

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