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Colombia White Paper 1. Strategic Direction 1.1. The United States (US) must continue to expand collaboration efforts across the Americas to support democratic consolidation, deter drug trafficking, counter insurgency and counter organized crime (NSS, 2015). As the current political crisis between the Inspector General and the Bogota Mayor unwinds, it is highly likely that all of these efforts will come into play to keep Colombia on a path toward peace and stability. As such, we must support the resolution of longstanding regional conflicts, particularly Columbia’s peace discussions with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or FARC (NSS, 2015). The FARC has been many things over the years and has evolved into a drug trafficking insurgency. Although the FARC is far from Colombia’s domestic only problem, their assimilation into society or elimination all together will allow the country to continue to strengthen as a democracy. The US is obligated to conduct Stability and Counterinsurgency Operations and conduct limited stability operations when required, working with interagency, coalition, and host-nation forces in a whole of government approach to assist Colombia in the current situation (NSS, 2015). Such efforts emphasize unique elements of American DoS and DoD forces: civil- military affairs teams, building partner capacity, information support teams, and cultural outreach programs. 2.0. Joint Force Commander’s (JFC) Intent 2.1. Purpose: Eliminate FARC as a
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