The United States V Mcclain

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On October 23, I went to the United States District Court for the District of Columbia to attend the sentencing in United States v McClain. The judge was Reggie Walton and the room was sixteen, sixth floor. Initially I could not enter into the building because I only had my Paraguayan ID and they wanted to see my passport. I also show them my American University ID to prove my identity. The security guard consulted with his superior about my case and after a few minutes of deliberation the superior allowed me to get into the building. The reason was that I am an American University student and he said we visit the court all the time. However, he told me that for the next time I should bring my passport. I argue that, unlike in Paraguay, the United States judges are more active when it comes to inquire the background of the defendant. In addition, they also want the conviction, not only to be a punishment, but and educative measure that helps the defendant to reintegrate into society. The United States v McClain case is about a U.S. army officer who took the money that was entrusted to him. The trial took almost six years and because of it, McClain has lost his wife and his life was almost ruined. In spite of that, he got a job and worked twelve hours a day. McClain’s attorney argued that if his client goes to prison, he would lose his job. The Attorney also said that his client has already paid restitution and that imprisonment would be a disproportionate punishment

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