The United States ' Views On Religion And Spirituality Essay

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In today society it has become more and more acceptable to separate God from our everyday lives. It is considered taboo to talk about God in your workplace and in social settings. Von Bergen argued, “The recent societal interest in religion and spirituality has resulted in faith and religious beliefs becoming the most recent type of diversity concern in the workplace”(2013, p. 111). The United States’ beliefs and laws were built with God’s teachings in the heart of the foundation that this great Nation stands on. Christian worldview is centered on the belief of God, Jesus Christ, and restoration of the human species.
Christians may disagree amongst themselves on how the universe and the earth were created, but the communal belief between the groups is that God created everything. The timeline and the process in which it was done are debated between the various groups of Christianity. In Genesis we discover that it takes God six days to create the earth, heaven, universe, and all the species found on Earth (Genesis 1-2). In the beginning God is introduced as the creator and he reins supreme over his creations. Later on in the Bible God’s attributes and characteristics are presented to the reader. In addition to being the creator he is also all knowing, enteral, loving, compassionate, forgiving, and good (Diffey, 2014,). In Christianity God is the Father and mankind is referred too as his flock. God enjoys walking with, conversing, and tending to his flock. God created
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