The United States Vs. The Treaty Of Versailles

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“The United States vs. the Treaty of Versailles”

The Treaty of Versailles was a peace settlement between Germany and the Allied Powers signed on June 28, 1919. The Treaty of Versailles officially ended World War 1. However, since the conditions in the treaty were so punitive towards Germany many believe that it was also partly responsible for starting World War 2. Before the treaty was signed President Woodrow Wilson and his opponent in congress, Senator Henry Cabot Lodge debated over the membership in the League of Nations and about the mortality of the treaty. Many debated that the United States should have signed the Treaty of Versailles and joined the League of Nations while others oppose both the treaty and the alliance. I believe that the United States did the right thing by rejecting the Treaty of Versailles, and avoiding the entangling commitments overseas which the alliance would have brought upon us.
Correspondingly, Senator Henry Cabot Lodge also held an anti-Versailles position. Senator Lodge viewed the treaty as “suspicious” and stated more than once that a matter this important should not be rushed. “My one desire is that not only the Senate, which is charged with responsibility, but that the press and the people of the country should investigate every proposal with the utmost thoroughness and weigh them all carefully before they make up their minds”(Document 1). Lodge acknowledges that treaties are long and serious documents pertaining to the nation and…

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