The United States Vs. United Kingdom

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The United States and the United Kingdom have both become industrialized democracies, however by saying that it may seem as though they have many similarities which is true, but there are many more differences in the political systems they use and the way the states are governed. Just because United States and the United Kingdom share these similarities and differences in their Presidential System, and the formation of their democracies, the United States is viewed by far as a much weaker state due to their Presidential System, but this was all deliberate. In Comparative Politics Domestic Responses to Global Challenges by Charles Hauss the development of the United States and the United Kingdom becoming democracies are very different. In the late 1700’s moving toward a democracy had been building for “two hundred years.” The “New World” and the “individualism, capitalism, Protestantism, and scientific revolution,” was the new way of thinking. Thomas Hobbes was one of these thinkers. After his death came the American Revolution. Around the same time, Adam Smith’s book, The Wealth of Nations came out. People began to want political and economic freedom and with this came laissez-faire capitalism, which means “allow to do.” There was then two new ideas for democratic thought. “First the state should be limited. Second, rather than telling people how to act in all areas of life, the state should serve as a referee that protects the society from the arbitrary exercise of…
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