The United States Women 's National Team

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Hope Solo, a goalie for the United States Women’s National Team, as well as the Seattle Reign FC in the National Women’s Soccer League, is widely regarded as the best goalkeeper the women’s game has ever seen. With over 100 career shutouts on the international level, and numerous individual and team awards including two FIFA Golden Glove awards and a World Cup, it’s hard to deny her prowess. Solo has been on the national stage for over a decade now, and while heralded as a world class player, her career has been fraught with controversy. Solo: A Memoir of Hope was published in August 2012 and provides a unique look into the major events in Hope Solo’s life through her own eyes. Solo was born on July 30, 1981 in Richland, Washington. Her childhood was far from simple; her father was in and out of her life, as well as in and out of prison, and had stolen money from her mother on multiple occasions. In Solo’s own words “he was unreliable at best and a criminal at worst” (p. 44). Despite his erratic behavior, Jeffrey Solo was an important person in Hope’s life, particularly in her soccer career, right up until his sudden death in 2007. While Solo is widely recognized as the face of women’s goalkeeping in the US, many people don’t know she was a forward for most of her life growing up, and a prolific a goal scorer on top of it. She began playing goalie for her Olympic Development Program (ODP) team an older team selected her as their backup keeper. Throughout her teenage
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