Essay about The United States and The Soviets: The Cold War

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Towards end of the Second World War II was not just the end of long hard fought battle, but also the start of an oversensitive and vibrant stage that moved culture on all levels. The post war phase, as it became known, formed the world we live in; the era was created itself both by the war that had lead it, and dominant forces that encased it. As the energy of primarily different ideas Socialism and Equality collapsed with improvements in science as for instinct nuclear bomb, a hazardous situation resulted that produced an atmosphere of fear throughout the world and particularly, inside American walls.

The Cold War played out one by one between the United States and the Soviets, it was instantaneously playing out in the ordinary lives of the masses within their borders. Terror, however, was not a result that followed directly after the end of the War. The United States had owned a prolonged period of economic growth during the war, and developing the war within the United States economy sustained with great power for more than ten years. Living in America was perhaps better than it has ever been in recent years. The middle class had increased, we saw unemployment rates at its lowest points in history, and the “American Dream” was becoming a reality for many families. Positive economic conditions, U.S. had become the most dominant country in the world; more essentially, America was the first and only country to develop the atom bomb.

This same era that the political…