The United States and the Beginning of the Cold War

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The United States and the Beginning of the Cold War a) There were three cracks evident between the US-Soviet relationship. America and Russia argued about the opening of a second front against Germany. Stalin’s plans where that America and Britain invade western Europe so the Russian Red Army gets stronger and pressure on them is relieved. Roosevelt promised a second front by the time of 1942, but the delay of plans for an Anglo-American invasion of German-occupied France angered Stalin because his plans to make his Army Stronger are not going to be easily fulfilled since the western countries would still be powerful. The invasion of France was delayed until D-Day which angered Stalin. Instead,…show more content…
e) The “one world” policy contradicts the “sphere of influence” policy. Russians hat the plans for the “sphere of influence” and the Americans the “one world” policy which both contrast. Roosevelt had an clear idea of peace. His most important post war aim was to accomplish the creation of the peace keeping organisation, the United Nations. His opinion was that there should be no spheres of influence, which contradicts Stalin’s post war aims. The Sphere of influence was basically a group of states under the indirect control of outside power. For example, Russia wanted Poland, Romania and Bulgaria to be Russia’s sphere of influence to protect Russia from invasions and attacks. On the contrary, Roosevelt felt that every country had the right for self determination, which is to decide for themselves how they should be governed. But Stalin was for the “sphere of influence”, since he wanted something like a security cordon against German expansion. His ideas were communist and Roosevelt’s where democratic. The Breakdown of the US-Soviet Alliance, 1945: Key Issues ========================================================= f) In 1943, the Soviet Union ended its relationships with Poland after Poland criticised Stalin. Later, Stalin exploited the Red Army’s occupation of Poland in 1944 to set up a pro-Soviet government

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