The United States if a Country Like No Other

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North America. When thinking of North America, The country that pops up in most people’s mind is The United States. Even though this country might not be the greatest in area it is unquestionably the most famous one. A place depicted in movies as being a place of equal opportunity and full of fame however is this all just an illusion of what The US really is like? The truth is that the picture of the United States that Europeans have gotten through media is insular and the country has issues that may not occur on television. In fact since the US has strong influence on other countries it has a mayor responsibility to take action in political issues. However what impact does this onus to the world bring to the country’s own social issues? Due to the country’s obligation, one of the main political issues today is how the US force is supposed to be handled. The taxes are extremely low in which the most part of the money has to go to the military, unlike Sweden where taxes are higher in order to provide a better welfare system. This has led to that the U.S. cannot invest on welfare on the same level as other countries. Barack Obama, the president of the USA, has recently been working on cutting down the military in order to improve for the populations, but when the situation became tenser in Europe a main part of the American habitants outraged due to the fact that the country is not prepared for war as in previous years. Indeed it is showed that the military has not been
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