The Unity 3D Engine: Building Interactive Scenes Using GameObjects

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The Unity 3D Engine: Building Interactive Scenes Using GameObjects Unity is a powerful development tool that can be used to create interactive 3D Scenes quickly and effectively. Unity uses the rendering pipeline to display graphics and in this report I will outline the phases of the viewing/rendering pipeline and attempt to explain how transformations inside unity are calculated and displayed to the user. The viewing pipeline is the name given to the steps involved in the displaying of a 3D scene as a 2D raster representation. The viewing pipeline uses 3D polygon rendering in order to calculate the necessary pixel values, 3D polygon rendering involves the colour and lighting of all of the polygons in the view of the camera being…show more content…
In order to create an interactive 3D scene in unity game objects and components must be used. A game object is anything that exists within the scene. A gameobject doesn’t necessarily need to have a 3d mesh associated with it they can be used to hold scripts and values. A gameobject can be terrain or light or a node used in hierarchical relationships between various gameobjects Creating game objects is the integral part of constructing scenes. First assets must be imported into unity, for 3D scenes 3D meshes will need to be imported, unity accepts assets from the following 3D modelling tools: Maya, 3D Studio Max, Cheetah3D, Cinema 4D, Modo, Lightwave, Blender, COLLADA, Autodesk FBX, Wavefront, 3D Studio, Drawing Interchange and Photoshop. Additionally unity will accept almost any image format for textures etc. and most audio file formats are accepted as well. In order to be used properly as part of an interactive scene the objects imported have to become part of prefabs. A Prefab must be created and an object is assigned to it. A script can be added to a prefab in order to give it functionality. Prefabs are useful because many instances of a prefab can be placed in the scene easily. When an instance of a prefab is placed in the scene it can be transformed, rotated and scaled. Prefabs could be considered templates for complex gameobjects so that individual instances can
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