The Unity Of The Church

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Sometimes when other friends would come with my family to mass on Sundays they would look at me bewildered, like the Church was a secret club and that is how you knew when to sit, kneel, or stand and which statements came next. Along with the rosary, communion of saints, and faithfulness to the apostolic succession the Church can sometimes appear to be a “top-secret club” of sorts, but it was not made in this image. The Church founded on the teachings and life of Christ, begotten by the Father, is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic, which we will discover does make it a club for the holy but a place for all people. “The Church is one because of her founder: for ‘the word made flesh, the prince of peace, reconciled all men to God by the cross,… restoring the unity of all in one people and one body’” (CCC 813). The unity of the Church is also because of her soul, the Holy Spirit, who brings together the communion of faith and rules over all the church. The Holy Spirit is kind of like the coach who brings together is players, Jesus is the owner/manager of the team but the Holy Spirit coaches and oversees them. As a sports team has a diversity of positions, the church is also marked with diversity. The diversity “comes from both the variety of God’s gifts and the diversity of those who receive them. Within the unity of the People of God, a multiplicity of peoples and cultures is gathered together” (CCC 814). The team is united for a common goal; to win the game, the church
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