The Unity Of The Delian League

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The Delian League was an alliance of mainly coastal and Aegean city-states against Persia at a time when terror of such a vast army tore through Greece. The reasons as to why this association was established, was to ward off any imminent Persian attacks and to recapture initial Greek city states. This motive is clearly portrayed through the organisations, Leadership and Relationships with the allied states of the league. Yet, Conflicts arose from prejudice and mistreatment from both Sparta and Athens; however this is overcome by the unity of the Delian league when war was Forthcoming.
The Delian league’s founding members, Chios, Lesbos and Samos as well as most of the Ionian city-states in the northern Aegean and along the cost of Asia Minor. Rightfully, the states joined in an alliance in hopes to be freed of the threat of Persian domination and shared interest in trade with Athens. This free confederation (symmachia) of independent cities, consisted of representatives, an admiral, financial officers and treasurers (hellenotamiai) appointed by Athenians. It was titled the Delian League because its treasury was located at Delos. Reasons for the choice of Delos included, that it possessed an excellent harbour that would prove a significant catalyst in defending their states and it was a cult centre for Apollo (important gods for all Greeks) and a sacred site. The main aims of the formidable Delian league as implied by The historian, Thucydides, the aim of Athens was a desire
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