The Unity Temple By Frank Lloyd Wright

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1st Artwork- Unity Temple, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, completed in 1908

Frank Lloyd Wright’s career was just beginning to take off in Oak Park, Illinois. One of the most significant projects from his early career is Unity Temple near his home and studio in Oak Park. Unity Temple was a replacement church for Unitarian Universalist Church that had burned down in 1905. Unity Temple was not just an ordinary commission for Wright since he was a parishioner of the Unitarian Church in Oak Park. When Unity Church burned to the ground in June 1905, Wright was awarded the commission. He wanted a modern building that would embody the principles of “unity, truth, beauty, simplicity, freedom and reason.”

For Wright, the church was meant to be a temple for man to worship god, which coincided with Wright’s decision to abandon the typical New England Unitarian, white steeple, architectural style for a more modern concrete aesthetic. Also the church 's budget was relatively low for a project of this scale, approximately $40,000. In harmony with Wright’s philosophy of organic architecture, the concrete was left uncovered by plaster, brick, or stone. Wright’s sensitive handling of materials was a defining feature of his architecture from early in his career. “Bring out the nature of the materials, Wright insisted, let their nature intimately into your scheme. Reveal the nature of wood, plaster, brick, or stone in your designs, they are all by nature friendly and beautiful. No…

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