The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

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In 10 December 1948 “The Universal declaration of human rights” was declared to protect the freedom of every human being of the planet. These human rights were declared as the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world. After World War II, a committee heated by Mrs. Roosevelt wrote a special document and its main purpose was to bring peace around the world. Although human rights was declared to give freedom and rights to every living being in the planet, I claim that not all of the human right is protected, one of which I believe is violation of women’s right because of gender discrimination, education and increasing women poverty and violence against women.
Firstly, Gender discrimination refers to discrimination, which is based on sex of the person. In todays society it often affects the girls and women in the society and predominantly an issue for women. It is not only prevail in a country but all around the globe. According to the law, women and men should be treated equally, not only women and men but also all living creature should be treated with equality and respect. Women are one wheel of the society while the other wheels are men. According to The universal declaration of human rights Article 1, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” however all the human rights are not protected. Women are discriminated in terms of education, health, society, pregnancy, employment and equal pay. For instance, having men and women to use separate
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