The Universal Health Care System

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Every country vision is to have a universal health care system. A system that is not necessary “free” but a system where everyone has equal opportunity to get the best health care being offered without any partiality. Canada successfully implemented the universal health care to its citizens, but it is not perfect in any sense. Individuals’ citizens are provided with preventive care and medical treatment from primary care physicians as well as access to hospitals. There are still many services that are not covered or partially covered (Canadian Health Care, 2014-2017). Prescription medication, physiotherapy, ambulance services, prescription eyeglasses as well as dental care are some of the services that are not covered under the health care system (Canada’s universal health-care system, 2015)). Some Provinces may provide partial coverage for mental health patients, children living in poverty as well as old people. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in 2012, we can now say that the U.S. is on the road to hopefully having a universal health care system or a system that covered most residents. The Affordable care act can be considered to be the most significant overhaul of the health care industry in decades since the defeat of the Clinton Health Security Act of 1993(Sultz and Young, 2013). According to Sultz and Young, the ACA highlights 4 major goals. These are providing new consumer protections, improving quality and lowering costs, increasing access to
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