The Universal Time Lapse Capsule

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The Universal Time-Lapse Capsule, or TLC, is a hand-held device shaped like a huge pill with a dial in the middle for you to decide which time period you would like to travel to. It is still a very new device that can malfunction at any given time. The Victorian Age is a time period that anyone from the modern time period would boldly stand out in. People talk, dress, socialize, and entertain themselves in very different manners. This guide was created to help you survive through this time era if something were to ever go wrong with your TLC.

Where to fall in Society:
Social classism was a huge deal during the Victorian Age. Everyone only mingled and married within their class. There are some cases where people married slightly higher or slightly lower, but those cases were rare. As time traveler that no one has ever heard of, you will best fit in the working class. You can better claim being poor from another town over than being rich because the rich people came in rarities, therefore they were all acquainted with each other.
You will best fall under the working-class category in the Victorian hierarchy, which is very close to the bottom of the social pyramid. Life will be very hard and seem unbearable, but you are strong enough to pull through it. However, you may feel disrespected in certain situations, but you must remember your place. It is imperative that you do not step out of line with the higher classmen. These men have the power to throw you in jail if you…
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