The Universe: Black Holes

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When you are outside during night time and look up, you see thousands of stars of sizes, and color. Sometimes if you are lucky you get to see planets that also glow brightly such as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and so on. But there is one thing that is hidden from the naked eye and can make any of the things I mentioned, disappear. That thing is called a black hole. I am studying black holes because I want to find out how they affect us now and in the future, in order to help my reader understand I will explain how a black hole works, which will be useful to understanding how they can be used for space travel and how they are in the center of every galaxy. Black holes are the mystery of our cosmological universe. They have been baffling even the greatest scientists like Stephen Hawking for many years and yet not many people know about them. To understand how black holes are confusing scientists and how they can affect us, have to know how black holes work. Black holes are created whenever a giant star, twenty-five time bigger than our sun, dies and collapses from its own gravity to form an object of infinite density which forms a black hole. If you were to analyze the parts of a black hole, you would find an event horizon and the singularity. The event horizon is basically the point of no return, which means that nothing can escape the black holes grasp once it reaches that point, not even light. Then after that is the singularity which is the point of infinite density.

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