The Universe: Dark Matter And Dark Energy

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The Universe: Dark Matter and Dark Energy
1. Fritz Zwicky is credited with being among the first to grasp the significance of dark matter in 1933. He found this "missing matter" by measuring the motions of the Coma Cluster. Sean Carroll states that Zwicky began his measurements by "estimate(ing) how much mass there was in that cluster. Then he compared it to how much mass you could actually see by looking at the galaxies." (The Universe) The narrator continues by reporting that something was wrong with the calculations. "There should have been a hundred and sixty times more illuminated mass to account for the random speeds of galaxies in the cluster." (The Universe) Richard Ellis concludes that "(Zwicky) concluded that the cluster could not
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Albert Einstein concluded that the universe must either be expanding or contrasting after he could not find balance in the equation of his Theory of Relativity to match a static universe. Therefore, he proposed the Cosmological Constant.
9. The Cosmological Constant is a proposition that a “repulsive vacuum energy would hold the universe in balance with attractive gravity.” (The Universe)
10. Alex Filippenko reports that “when the dark energy completely dominates over dark matter, the universe will enter a stage known as exponential expansion.” (The Universe)

In The Universe episode Dark Matter and Dark Energy, scientists discuss what dark matter and dark energy is and how it effects the universe.
The Universe episode Dark Matter and Dark Energy, provided an interesting but not challenging presentation of information on dark matter and dark energy. The information provided seemed to be watered down to the level of a younger audience or an audience that is not very familiar with this topic. Usually, this style would not bother me, but it made the ten facts learned from the video portion of the assignment rather difficult.
The Universe: Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Dir. Douglas J. Cohen. By Rebecca Graham Forde. Perf. Erik Thompson. History Television Network Productions, 2008. Youtube. Google, 12 May 2014. Web. 26 Apr. 2017.
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