The Universe ' Two Gods, Unga And Mortis

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In its existence, the universe has been in a continuous cycle of creation, devastation and re-creation. There is no starting, or a conclusion to the cycle, nor did it have a starting and nor will it ever end. Every single physical item and energy is made and obliterated in an always equal sum. At a certain point in this 'Cycle of the Universe ' two gods, Unga and Mortis were reawakened. By their own particular qualities and convictions the number 2 was very sacred, thus when they started building their kingdom of light they manufactured everything in sets of contrary energies: the zones of domain being the sky and the earth and the strengths that permit sight being Light and Darkness as samples. Unga was a god of happiness, light, and took pride in what he can accomplish. Mortis was the exact opposite; however, he did take delight in destroying what Unga creates. The two Gods had feelings and psychology as we do, thus they got to be extremely bored without a threat or issue to succeed. Be that as it may, as a result of these feelings they felt curious and elated towards the almost empty universe around them. Thus the two gods started making a complete universe of delight and satisfaction that was without destruction and evil. They chose to make a planet that they would share together. This planet would have the capacity to bolster life for a large number of years to come. At first Unga made the components of earth, which were composed of fire, wind, water and energy while
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