The University 12 Miles Away

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My college education began not at the institution about which I am writing, but rather another university 12 miles away. For two years, I attended Maryville University in St. Louis with a triple major in English, psychology, and sociology. Maryville University’s campus was small with just three small academic buildings on campus. As I progressed from my freshman to my sophomore year, I realized I had outgrown the small campus that had once felt comfortable. With only one key faculty member in each of my major departments, the classes had become predictable. When the spring of my sophomore year arrived, I decided to transfer to Webster University where I could learn from a larger faculty with varied points of view. Although I did not spend all four years of my undergraduate career at Webster University, I have great affection for it. The campus was a mix of recently constructed academic buildings and repurposed historical homes in the St. Louis suburb of Webster Groves, including the English department’s home: Pearson House. The amalgamation of buildings added a sense of both the past and the future to the university’s campus; however, as a student, I was unaware of the history behind the campus I grew to love. Coincidentally, Webster University is celebrating its centennial this academic year. Early History: The Sisters of Loretto Like many American institutions of higher education for women, Webster University’s story begins with a religious group (FIND CITATION IN ICEW
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