The University Industry Demonstration Partnership

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Introduction Although universities are recognized for being institutions of higher learning, those working at research universities have the distinct privilege of witnessing the unfolding of new discoveries through basic and fundamental research. As researchers seek funding to support graduate students, build and utilize laboratories, and conduct cutting-edge research, the federal government strives to stay ahead in science, technology, and medicine. Consequently, university researchers often look to receive federal funding for their research ideas. Driven by the creation and dissemination of information, research universities provide the foundational data on which innovative ideas can launch into tangible products and services. On the other side of the fence, industry leaders seek to solve problems as well as generate profits for their businesses. Still noble in their pursuit of knowledge and information, industry researchers bring a different perspective and experience to the research enterprise. Both institutions play an integral role to improving and saving lives through the advancement of science and technology; imagine the potential when these two establishments work together, leveraging one another’s resources! The University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) put together a “Research Quick Guide” to “promote greater understanding of the issues that face both parties in order to facilitate more effective collaborations for mutual benefit.” (UIDP,
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