The University Of Adventure : Passion Wise

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THE UNIVERSITY OF ADVENTURE PASSION WISE ENGLISH COMPOSITION 1 Located North of Tampa, Fl there is a university located on 2200 E Flower Ave. Now this place is not just any old ordinary university. Usually when the term university is mentioned people are referring to a type of educational institute, but the university being referred to in this essay is far from any educational university people have attended. Although it is highly uncommon to find students in this university at a desk with pencils, and papers taking notes while a instructor is teaching. You will find laughter, sight full adventure, fun, and maybe even meet a friend or two. The University Being written about is a strong, steady, active building built in 1974 where people from all over the city no matter what shape, shade, or size can go to get haircuts, manicures, massages, clothes, shoes, food, and entertainment (Johnson,2008, Nov 14). It is said that a first phase new construction that include a cosmetic update for the 41-year old mall in the form of landscaping, water features and open air sections for The mall 's East Fowler Avenue entrance will be redeveloped and a new walkway connecting the cinema to the rest of the mall will be created. ( Nay, R. 2015, Jul 05). But still Upon entering the buildings take a step back and admire the orange autumn blazed bricks that make up the structures entrance before strolling through the clear stainless glass doors. Opening the door placing a
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