The University Of Arizona, Arizona

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University of Arizona is one of the greatest school not only in the state of Arizona but also in the whole US nation. There were so many magnificent people who graduated from this amazing University, and because of the magic of this college, some of them choose to live in this beautiful city after they graduated. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be a wild cat and interview one of the senior wildcat: Anna Marie Mesa who attended the UA in the fall semester of 1964. Ms. Mesa is one of my best friends’ grandma, she was one of the eldest wildcat that I know. After she got in the University of Arizona, in addition of excitement, she felt more honorable because she was the first one went to college in her whole family. One of the things she remembered often even now was that her full time tuition in 1964 was only $93 for fifteen units. I was so shocked because it was such an unbelievable number! I personally could never imagine pay that less to go to a college without a scholarship. She laughed after she saw my expression. It’s only been five decades and the tuition raised from less a hundred dollar to five figures, I couldn’t even predict how much the tuition is going to be after another fifty years.
The love of University of Arizona never stopped in Ms. Mesa’s heart. She grew up in Tucson and after she graduated from high school, she didn’t considered any other college but University of Arizona. Since then she had remained a student in some form for her entire adult life by…
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