The University Of Arkansas At Monticello

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A majority of high school graduates are likely to be nervous to a degree about their first year at college. Students may report being nervous for the reason that they don’t know how to navigate through the campus effectively, they feel unsure about where they fit in socially, or they happen to be unfamiliar with the university’s culture. Much to my surprise as a first-time freshman, the University of Arkansas at Monticello provided various activities for students throughout the fall semester. Certain activities have proven to be more beneficial than others. A few events I have attended included freshman orientation, grabbing lunch with a classmate, viewing a show of fireworks with my friend, and taking a stroll through the campus. Out of the four, I benefitted greatly from the stroll through campus. The start of my quest to come to be involved with my university began with freshman orientation on the seventeenth of August. This was the first instance I had ever stepped foot on the campus, and I was so nervous that I could hardly bring myself to step out of my mother’s vehicle. With a few words of encouragement, I finally entered the building where the event was taking place – the Fine Arts Building auditorium. The building was actually recognizable since I had been there several times during high school for choir trips. Once inside, each of the hundreds of freshmen were handed a bag containing pamphlets and informational documents before being told to sit in any seat they

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