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Dear Dr. Tracy Perron & the Chair of Student Affairs, I, Flora Ajayi, was dismissed from the Nursing program at The College of New Jersey due to my performance in Principles of Microbiology (BIO 144) and Anatomy & Physiology II (BIO 142 ), which are major Nursing prerequisites. I take responsibility for my academic progressions and understand the consequences and rewards of the Academic realm. The study habits that allowed me to flourish in high school, for example, studying class notes and reviewing a week before the exam, simply did not work in college. This forced me into a state of panic, which led me not to do well in both science classes. Studying effectively in college is different than studying in high school due to the rigor of the course and my attempt to process on a higher academic level. My inability to succeed in the sciences during my spring semester, despite my early success, has allowed for both personal growth and self-reflection while repeating BIO 144 and BIO 142. At the conclusion of both of my science classes, I would seek out a quiet study area and recall what I had learned in each lecture. The recollection of events not only allows one to retain information in a short time, but allows one to see both their weaknesses and strengths. Instead of working on these weaknesses, I would focus solely on my strengths, thinking that it was the most important information I needed to learn. This flawed reasoning is the reason why I was close, but did not meet
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