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During the Steps 2 College program provided by the University of North Georgia, Gainesville Campus, my Education 2120 class and I were to provide 20 hours of observational field experience in the classroom. From the many course options provided for the program, I choose to spend my time in the Environmental Science course which was located in the Nesbitt building in room 1213. The classroom setting was a darker than normal classroom, but was formatted auditorium style, with all seats facing the front of the class towards the smart board. This was a new experience for the students. Only the first row was used in class due to having a class size of only 7 students. The ratio of boys to girls was about even with 4 boys and 3 girls in the class. All the students were Hispanic, with the only diversity being the teacher and the teachers assistants present. They were all bilingual, knowing their native language of Spanish as well as English except one student who only knew English. All the students in our class came from Banks County High School. Banks County High School, located in Homer, Georgia, is the only high school within its county, with an enrollment rate of greater than or equal to 800 students annually (usnews,2015). Banks County High School has a national ranking of Bronze. Here is the breakdown of the demographics provided by (usnews,2015) and the National Center for Education Statistics of the school:
Total Minority Enrollment is 12%
Total Economically Disadvantaged

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