The University Of Science And Technology

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The majority of the junior class truly continues to show their lethargic nature when it comes to researching and preparing for secondary education. However, the ones who do not show this nature always seem truly prepared and organized for anything, especially their future in secondary education. Missouri University of Science and Technology is a well-known and a fantastic choice for any aspiring engineer due to the low costs, extended education in nearly all majors, and the extremely small and inviting location with a student population of nearly nine thousand, and activities in the city that students may partake in, even though the city can be dangerous at times. Other things that this university is popular for its clubs and organization, and the scholarships that this university offers, as well as temporary housing for visiting family or on and off-campus housing for the students themselves. One of the major reasons Missouri University of Science and Technology is so well known is the university’s overall low cost. Known to be “One of America’s top 5 ‘best value’ public universities”(MO S&T), this university is very popular for those that are interested in engineering or other programs of study, but can not afford to break the bank by attempting to apply and attend schools like MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the best college in the country for those wanting to major in engineering. To start, the tuition of an in-state freshman is $7,743 with the other
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