The University Of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum Essay

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In order to compose this assignment, I visited the University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum (CAM). The USF Contemporary Art Museum is a compact museum on campus located near the Dance buildings and the Theatres. The museum opened its establishment in 1989 and has offered a wide range of art from around the world including the United States, Africa, Europe, and Latin America ( In order to keep students engaged in the art, the museum changes its exhibits a couple times a year. Currently, the exhibition on display is entitled Extracted and incorporates “the extraction and circulation of natural resources around the globe” (Megan Voeller). Despite the museum being not large in size, I was able to attain a sense of nature through photographs, sculptures, video messages, and banners produced from artists including Otobang Nkanga, Marina Zurkow, Claire Pentecost, Mary Mattingly and Daniel Shiffman. The social angle most strongly related to the exhibit on display at this time is nature and culture. Extracted was motivated by relationships between humans and the environment referring to “complex technical processes behind oil drilling and mining or industrial agriculture” (Megan Voeller). Most of the artists focus their work on nature including the environment, ecosystems, and life itself. One artists in particular whose work stood out to me was Claire Pentecost with her work Soil-erg. This distinct exposition was located in the hearth of
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