The University Of Southern California

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There are over one thousand colleges in the U.S, but the University of Southern California is the college to attend for various reasons. USC is a well rounded school that provides a variety of clubs, activities, scholarship opportunities, and academic classes. The faculty and staff of the University of Southern California work hard to make each student that attends successful and well-prepared for the working environment in the near future.
The University of Southern California began to develop in 1871 when the citizens of Los Angeles believed it was time to pursue the idea of establishing an institution of a higher education. Eight years later A citizen of LA, Judge Widney, formed a board of trustees and provides a donation of 308 lots of land from three community leaders. Soon USC was finally becoming a reality, It opened with only 53 students and 10 faculty members. The school soon thrived and things started to begin such as the school of music was founded in 1884, and the college of medicine began a year later. Soon after in 1947 a feisty stray dog named George was USC’s official first student body mascot. As of now the newest tradition to the University of Southern California is trojan mascot. The Trojan or traveler leads USC stadium chants at games, and has Provided USC spirit at rose parade, disneyland, Dave and Busters, and universal studios. The first trojan or traveler began by wearing what the actor Charlton Heston wore in “Ben Hur.”, and road at USC football
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