The University Of Southern California

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The University of Southern California promotes five pillars for all of its students to embody: faithful, scholarly, skillful, courageous, and ambitious. Of these five traits, a student’s possession of courage will take him or her on the greatest path to success. USC relates the trait “courageous” to itself by proclaiming that students “are bold when faced with opportunities to contribute to USC’s continuous efforts to build a greater university for generations to come” (“Five Traits of a Trojan”). While this is true, this boldness is not necessarily shown immediately or developed overnight. In addition, it is true that USC being courageous will benefit USC for generations to come. Nevertheless, courage will also greatly benefit the students in their years to come, in that it will help them develop into individuals with strong leadership abilities and individuals capable of living the “good life.” While the other four traits are all positive attributes, courage best exemplifies great leadership, a quality USC looks for in admitting students, a quality USC hopes students cultivate in their undergraduate years, and a quality USC will value in successful alumni. Most students come to USC hoping to graduate as great leaders with positive outlooks. Acting with courage is the most successful way to achieve both of these goals. For undergraduates at the University of Southern California to live the “good life” and become the world’s future leaders, it is imperative that all USC…
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