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The University of Southern California promotes five pillars for all of its students to embody: faithful, scholarly, skillful, courageous, and ambitious. Of these five traits, a student’s possession of courage will take him or her on the greatest path to success. USC relates the trait “courageous” to itself by proclaiming that students “are bold when faced with opportunities to contribute to USC’s continuous efforts to build a greater university for generations to come” (“Five Traits of a Trojan”). While this is true, this boldness is not necessarily shown immediately or developed overnight. In addition, it is true that USC being courageous will benefit USC for generations to come. Nevertheless, courage will also greatly benefit the…show more content…
How does this definition tie the people in this array to courage? What do they all have in common? Each of these figures was a strong, successful leader. It is not a coincidence that this definition of courage coincides with great leadership. There are many other examples and definitions of courage, such as the other definition offered by Oxford: “strength in the face of pain or grief” (Oxford). Here, we have a broader definition of courage that is less inclusive to negative examples. Yet, this definition also embodies great leadership. Any leader of a minority group that has overcome obstacles to achieve their goals fits into this definition, such as the previously mentioned Nelson Mandela. Mandela protested against racism in the South African government and helped to destroy South Africa’s apartheid system (“Nelson Mandela”). Mandela contributed to the “good life,” - embodied by life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - by offering victims of discrimination opportunities to seek greater liberty and happiness. All inspiring, influential leaders have contributed to the “good life” for people facing injustice. Not all leaders, however, have made the “good life” their goal. Leaders like Hitler and Bin Laden made it impossible for millions of individuals to live the “good life,” so how is courage the most necessary trait for living the good life? These individuals were courageous but left
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