The University Of Texas At Austin 's Student Affairs Department Essay

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rate in the previous year; falling in line with the divisions mission and vision. In addition, the department developed and presented housing and food service presentations to 12,000 students. This program allows to division to meets its mission of providing educational opportunities to students. The division also reaches across the aisle to other departments and host the Longhorn Neighborhood resource fair alongside 23 other divisions. These are a few examples of how the University of Texas at Austin’s student affairs department supports its students by providing the best innovative programs and services. As for the departments vision, the university has lunched HornLink, an online student portal that is geared towards uniting students with student organizations. Through Texas Parents, the department also host six family orientation sessions per year and three inaugural transfer sessions to welcome new families. The Office of the Dean of Students “engages beyond the classroom to enrich learning through leadership training and by supporting the membership of 1,300 student organizations” (Website). This office also provides legal services for students, conduct, emergency, research, veteran, and other support. Through RecSports, U.T.AA promotes physical fitness, balanced behaviors, and healthy habits. The university offers a total of eight outdoor and indoor recreation facilities and six program areas. The Center for Students in Recovery provides support to students who are

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