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Keren Gaona The University of Texas at El Paso Global Business 3304 May 19, 2016 According to the speculations of linguistic expert, John McWhorter, who wrote the article, “What the World Will Speak in 2115,” in one hundred years English will become the most widely understood language. If current trends continue, in the future one can imagine a world in which humans all share a single universal language. Having a common language would potentially open the doors to many opportunities for increased economic activity and cultural interaction. Additionally, as we travel into the 22nd Century, lesser used and more complex languages that are spoken today will become extinct. Subsequently, the few languages that survive will evolve into…show more content…
According to his work, “English is the fastest-spreading language in human history and is used by an estimated 1.27 billion people globally” (Neeley, 2012). The English language is already the most popular language in the world, accompanied by each person’s native language. Also, compared to other languages English is relatively easy to learn (McWhorter, 2015). This does not mean that the meshing of new versions of English are always pristine. Ana Lucia Gonzalez, reporter for BBC, wrote the article, “Life in Spanglish for California’s Young Latinos” to address this issue of blending language. However, it may come as a surprise that English would be the one to dominate, given that Mandarin Chinese is spoken by the largest population in the world. It is very unlikely for Mandarin to replace English because English is the already the official language in commerce around the world and it is also the language in which organizations such as Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) communicate (Martinez, 2014). A reason that McWhorter provided to why Mandarin Chinese will not be used as a global language, is because it is very difficult to master the language if not introduced to it at a young age. Furthermore, English is much more user friendly and functional
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