The University Of The Atlantic Dorr Museum And The Woodlawn Gardens Museum Essay

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I was originally planning on spending my time observing and participating in different museum locations, but with the two education classes I was taking, I also ended up learning a lot about different school settings as well. And what was most interesting was comparing them and seeing where the similarities were. I would have categorized them as schools and museums, but those would be false categories.
I spent time at three different museums for my service hours, the Bangor Discovery Museum, the College of the Atlantic Dorr Museum and the Woodlawn Gardens Museum. At each I went to a different event and each had their the similarities and differences to each other. I facilitated an event at both the College of the Atlantic Dorr Museum and the Bangor Discovery Museum, which is why I believe there are the most similarities between these two, they were completely different activities, but with the same goal: kids have fun and learn.
The ‘potion’ that the kids made at the Dorr Museum was an open ended project, we gave the kids instructions for how to get the activity started, but the end result was completely in their hands. They had the choice to pick from several different objects with fragrances to include in their project, which fragrances and how much of each fragrance they wanted was up to them. Similarly, at the Discovery Museum, the kids were making insect headbands, I would get them started on the headband part, but what they added to the band was all up to them. Most
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