The University Of Wisconsin Madison

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Overview of the college University of Wisconsin-Madison was founded way back in 1848, but didn 't have their first class until February 1849. With more than 400,000 living alumni UW-Madison has proven to be successful with providing educational opportunities to multiple students for many years. Introduction of the college UW-Madison is a State University. This means the school is a state-funded institution with a campus located in that state. UW-Madison currently has over 40,000 students enrolled in their school. It also has over 2,000 faculty members. UW-Madison is a urban school in Madison, WI. The Universities climate is rather typical for the state. During the winter the temperatures drops to around 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and…show more content…
For a non-resident the total would be around $41,366. Parking on campus is $265 for an all year parking permit. If i were to ask a UW- Madison admissions counselor a few questions i would ask the following: What is the best way to prepare for your school? What unique programs are incorporated into your schools curriculum? Choice of Major The major i would choose if I attend this college would be Zoology. I would choose this major because Zoology is the study of all animals, and would help me further understand the world of animals on a scientific level. It would also help me get into Vet School after undergraduate school. Zoology has one of the best placement records for premedical students. As i said in the last paragraph Zoology is the study of all animals. High school students who are planning to major in Zoology are highly encouraged to take as many science and math classes as possible. Zoologists need a variety of skills to be successful on the field. They need to be able to apply scientific rules and methods to solve problems. Zoologists must be able to think critically or use reason to draw conclusions from different test results and scientific observations. Zoologists also must have excellent communication skills for presenting their finding to their colleagues, managers, and to the general public. Last but certainly not least Zoologists must be in good physical shape
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