The University Police Department : An Highest Level Of Professional Law Enforcement

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It is the mission of University Police that all members of the University Police Department are committed to providing the highest level of professional law enforcement services to all within the university community, regardless of race, creed, national origin, or sexual orientation (UPD, n.d.). “We are evidence based, and data/records do not suggest a need for change,” (Lieutenant, personal communication, October 17, 2014). Kezar wrote that she hoped leaders will instead choose changes and initiatives that are based on evidence and research. The author further stated that too often, changes chosen are merely a response to political and other external pressures, rather than being guided by the mission of learning, knowledge creation and public service (Kezar, 2014).
As with all organizations not everyone is going to agree on everything. The chief of police fell short to the pressure and suggested that the department stop making marijuana-related arrests and decrease the number of minority arrests. The lieutenant is opposed to the idea. “This goes against everything we stand for; we are committed to the Constitution and strive to ensure that every citizen will be treated with dignity, fairness, and respect,” (Lieutenant, personal communication, October 17, 2014). Kezar (2014) stated that responding to changes may not always mean supporting them (p. 5). Buffalo State has become known for its diversity as the number of minority students, including international students,…
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